Accreditation Policies

10.000Advertising Accreditation Status
10.100Appeals Process
10.200Accreditation Actions
10.300Conducting Accreditation Reviews at Reasonable Intervals
10.301          Award Duration
10.302          Interim Reports
10.304          Annual Reports
10.400Confidentiality of Accreditation Process/Activities
10.500Conducting Concurrent Site Visit
10.600Developing, Revising, and Assessing Accreditation Standards
10.700Disclosure of Accreditation Status
10.800Alternative Learning Options
10.900Fair Practice Standards in Education

11.000Fees for Accreditation Services
11.100Principles of JRCERT Accreditation
11.200Self-Study Report
11.300Report of Findings
11.400Requirements for Sponsors of Accredited Programs
11.402          Consortium
11.404          Transfer of Sponsorship
11.405A           Compliance Timeframe
11.405C          Program Official Qualifications
11.405D          Clinical Education Setting Recognition
11.406A          Transfer of Credit
11.407A          Substantive Change
11.408          Program Student Capacity
11.500Responsibilities of Sponsors of JRCERT Accredited Programs
11.501Biii          Timely Notification of Program Official Changes
11.501F             Credentialing Examination and Job Placement Rate Outcome Requirements
11.600Site Visit of the Program
11.700Verification of Qualifications of Program Officials
11.800Regard for Decisions of States and Other Accrediting Agencies
11.900Branch Campus

12.000Submission of Information to the USDE
12.100Change of Ownership Resulting in a Change of Control
12.200Program Closure
12.300Social Media