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Program Effectiveness Data FAQs



Why are programs now being asked to provide clarifying information on where and how they publish mission/goals/student learning outcomes and program effectiveness data?

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), which recognizes the JRCERT, has reiterated that educational programs must demonstrate greater transparency and accountability to assist prospective students and their parents with making informed decisions on the selection of educational programs.  The guidelines issued by CHEA contain specific directions on how the information must be posted to assure that it is transparent and readily available to the general public.

Where and how should a program make the information available?

The program’s mission statement/goals/student learning outcomes and program effectiveness data (five-year average credentialing examination pass rate, five-year average job placement rate, and annual program completion rate) must be published on the program’s Web site.  The program effectiveness data should clearly identify:

  • sample size associated with each measure, i.e., the number of first time examinees, number of graduates actively seeking employment, and number of graduates, as well as
  • time period that the data reflects, so the reader knows it is current information.

Access to the required information must be clearly apparent on the “home” page of the program’s Web site, identifying steps to follow or including a hot link to the information, i.e., the information cannot be hidden or buried in multiple layers of Web pages.  All information published on the program’s Web site must be consistent with information contained in other program publications such as student handbooks, assessment plans, etc.

Additionally, programs must publish the JRCERT URL,, on their respective Web site.

How often should the information be updated on the program’s Web site?

The mission statement/goals/student learning outcomes should be updated as appropriate whenever any of this information changes.  Program effectiveness data must, at minimum, be updated annually.

How will the Web site postings of the required information be verified?

The JRCERT will review each program’s Web site to assure that the posted information is readily accessible by the general public and that program effectiveness data is consistent with the program’s most recent annual report.  Gross discrepancies between program effectiveness data reported on the annual report and data published on the program’s Web site will require that the program correct any variances and submit a progress report documenting compliance with Standard Five – Objective 5.3.