Greetings from the JRCERT!

As we approach the fall and start of the academic year, we want to provide some information related to COVID-19.  With the Delta and Omicron variant emergence and increasing infection rates once again, there have been several questions posed regarding COVID-19 and associated recommendations and requirements.

Feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns you may have.  Enjoy the remainder of your summer!






Site Visits

The JRCERT is scheduling site visits in a timely manner; however, changes in travel restrictions may cause delays or rescheduling.  We continue to monitor state and institution travel restrictions.  We aim to remain timely but appreciate your flexibility and understanding if circumstances dictate otherwise.

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Distance Education

The United States Department of Education has elected to terminate the COVID-19 distance education allowances.  The JRCERT permits programs to offer distance education delivery through the 2022 summer semester, without formal approval.  If programs wish to continue offering distance education of four or more professional courses beyond September 6, 2022, approval from the Board will need to be obtained before that date.  For definitions of distance education courses, view policy 10.800 or click here.  The Substantive Change Request form is available on the Program Forms page of the Program Director & Faculty tab.

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Clinical Obligations

Clinical facilities are integral to the success of the program and students.  Many facilities are requiring students to be vaccinated to participate in clinical education.  This can be a challenge for programs whose students have declined the vaccine.  Although we realize this decision is a conscious choice, the JRCERT believes that being vaccinated is a professional obligation.  This assures that everyone associated with the student is protected, including the patients for whom they provide care.  Students must understand that if they choose to abstain from receiving the vaccine, they could be limiting their clinical experience and employment opportunities.  The program should make every effort to assure clinical placement is equitable and fair.  This may be accomplished by attempting to seek facilities permitting the unvaccinated student to participate in clinical education, although the choice ultimately lies with the student.  Programs may consider developing policies/procedures that clearly delineate the requirements to participate safely in clinical education.

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Clinical Preceptors

With increasing clinical staff turnover, there have been numerous clinical preceptor applications submitted to the office.  We recognize this can be challenging to document all the accomplishments of a clinical preceptor.   With this in mind, we have developed a curriculum vitae template specifically for clinical preceptors.  You can locate the template here or in the Additional Resources in the 2021 Standards Flipbooks.

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Contingency Plan

Now is a good time to review your program’s contingency plan and make revisions, as necessary, to assure it remains applicable.  Take the time to share your contingency plan with all of those that it affects.  An example of a contingency plan can be found in the Additional Resources of the 2021 Standards Flipbooks on pages 90-91.

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