Site Visit of the Program

Policy Statements

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT):

11.601requires a scheduled site visit as an integral part of the accrediting process to assist in assessing an applicant program’s compliance with the relevant accreditation standards.
11.602determines which clinical settings will be visited.
11.603communicates with programs regarding the number and selection of site visitors and the length of the scheduled visit.
11.604requires the preparation of an agenda for a scheduled site visit which provides opportunities for discussion among team members and program officials, faculty, administrators, clinical representatives, students, and other appropriate individuals.
11.605requires the use of the JRCERT Report of Site Visit Team Findings to support consistency in the evaluation process.
11.606requires the site visit team to present its findings privately to the program director prior to the exit summation.
11.607requires the site visit team to present an oral exit summation of its findings, including program strengths and areas of concern to sponsor and program officials.
11.608expects site visitors to arrive promptly, to maintain the established agenda, to complete the Report of Site Visit Team Findings before the oral exit summation and to leave promptly at the conclusion of the scheduled site visit.
11.609requires the team chair to submit to the JRCERT office, the completed and signed Report of Site Visit Team Findings within one (1) week of the site visit.
11.610allows a hybrid site visit to be conducted due to site visit travel restrictions during a catastrophic event, such as a pandemic or a natural disaster.  The above Policy Statements remain applicable (see Hybrid Site Visit Guidelines).
11.611requires the program to provide current technology and facilities to conduct a hybrid site visit, including a private room with internet access for the onsite visitor.
11.612will coordinate virtual technology for the visit utilizing a video conferencing system.
11.613requires that the program provide technology support during the onsite review.
11.614reserves the right to conduct unannounced site visits of accredited programs at program expense.


The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT):

11.601Arequires the site visit team to interview students.  The interviews may be conducted on the campus of the sponsor, on site at clinical setting(s), or via conference call or video conferencing.
11.601Bdoes not allow any interviews conducted by the site visit team to be recorded.
11.602Arequires the site visit team to interview a clinical preceptor from a representative sample of recognized clinical settings.  The interviews may be conducted either on campus of the sponsor, on site at clinical setting(s), or via conference call or video conferencing.
11.602Bdirects the site visit team to visit any clinical setting to review the quality of the educational experience being provided or to investigate allegations of non-compliance with the relevant accreditation standards.
11.603Aassigns site visitors for each scheduled program evaluation:
 i.     considers the number of clinical settings in determining the number of site visitors.
 ii.    requires a minimum of two (2) site visitors for each team, for programs with less than thirty (30) clinical settings.
 iii.   requires a minimum of three (3) site visitors for each team for programs with thirty (30) or more clinical settings or more than seventy-five (75) students enrolled in the program.
 iv.   requires a minimum of three (3) site visitors for a program that is identified by the JRCERT as offering the curriculum via distance education/delivery and if 50% or more of the clinical settings are out-of-state.
 v.    assigns as site visitors an educator and a practitioner as defined in Policy 90.300, if the JRCERT is identified as the program’s programmatic accreditor.
 vi.   assigns as site visitors an academician and an administrator as defined in Policy 90.300 if the JRCERT is identified as the program’s institutional accreditor.
 vii.  requires at least one (1) site visitor identified as experienced in distance education for any program using distance education delivery of four (4) or more courses.
 viii. assigns a Team Chair or Team Member experienced with the type of program sponsor and the relevant discipline being visited.
11.603Brequires site visits to be a minimum of two (2) days.
11.603Cprovides site visitors evaluating a program for continuing accreditation with documentation relating to the program’s accreditation history.
11.603Dreassigns, when possible, one (1) member from the previous site visit team to the next scheduled on-site evaluation of a program with a status of Probationary Accreditation.
11.603Eprovides each site visit team member with a name badge to be worn at all times during on-site evaluation activities.
11.606Arecognizes the prerogative of the program director to invite appropriate program officials to the pre-exit summation.
11.607Arecognizes the prerogative of the sponsor to invite appropriate sponsor and program officials to the exit summation.
11.610Awill determine, in consultation with program faculty and JRCERT Executive Staff if a hybrid site visit is appropriate.
11.610Brequires that one site visitor be on campus and the other site visitor conduct the visit virtually.
11.610Crequires the virtual site visitor to be responsible for interviews with students, clinical preceptors, and, if possible, clinical staff.
11.612Awill provide a private virtual meeting space/room for site visit team discussion.
11.612Bwill send the site visit team and the program director access to the video conferencing system.
11.614Amay schedule an unannounced site visit during the interval between an award of accreditation and the expiration of the accreditation award.

Cross References

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Adopted by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology:  04/04
Revised:  04/07; 10/11; 04/15; 04/16; 04/19; 10/20