Reporting Allegations

The JRCERT is required to be responsive to allegations of non-compliance with any of its Standards.  Please be advised the JRCERT cannot advocate on behalf of any one student.  An investigation into allegations of non-compliance addresses only the program’s compliance with accreditation standards and will not affect the status of any individual student. The JRCERT takes seriously and follows up appropriately any allegation that an accredited program is not maintaining compliance with its accreditation standards.  Before the JRCERT will take action to investigate the program, however, it must be assured that the complainant has addressed the matter internally.  Did you follow the program’s/institution’s due process through to its final appeal?  If you have addressed the matter internally and wish to make a formal complaint, please complete an allegations reporting form.  The allegations must reference the specific accreditation standards/objectives with which you believe the program to be in non-compliance. The Standards for an Accredited Program in Radiologic Sciences can be found under the Accreditation Information menu.

Reporting Process

Important Notes for Reporting Allegations Against a Program

  1. The JRCERT cannot advocate on behalf of any student(s).  An investigation into allegations of  non-compliance addresses only the program’s compliance with accreditation standards and will not affect the status of any individual student.
  2. The investigation process may take several months.
  3. The JRCERT will not divulge the identity of any complainant(s) unless required to do so through legal process.


Before submitting allegations, the individual must first attempt to resolve the complaint directly with program/institution officials by following the due process or grievance procedures provided by the program/institution.  Each program/institution is required to publish its internal complaint procedure in an informational document such as a catalog or student handbook.  (Standard One, Objective 1.1)

If the individual is unable to resolve the complaint with program/institution officials or believes that the concerns have not been properly addressed, he or she may submit allegations of non-compliance to the JRCERT: 

Chief Executive Officer
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology
20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
Chicago, IL  60606-3182
Phone:   (312) 704-5300

The Allegations Reporting Form must be completed and sent to the above address with required supporting materials.  All submitted documentation must be legible.  Forms submitted without a signature or the required supporting material will not be considered.  If a complainant fails to submit appropriate materials as requested, the complaint will be closed.

The Higher Education Opportunities Act of 2008, as amended, provides that a student, graduate, faculty or any other individual who believes he or she has been aggrieved by an educational program or institution has the right to submit documented allegation(s) to the agency accrediting the institution or program.

The JRCERT, recognized by the United States Department of Education for the accreditation of radiography, radiation therapy, magnetic resonance, and medical dosimetry educational programs investigates allegation(s) submitted, in writing, signed by any individual with reason to believe that an accredited program has acted contrary to the relevant accreditation standards or that conditions at the program appear to jeopardize the quality of instruction or the general welfare of its students.