Site Visitor FAQs



When should I make my airfare reservations?

Once you have received the assignment letter from the office, you can begin to make travel arrangements.  If you are an apprentice, remember to coordinate your travel with the team chair.

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The site visit I agreed to perform is only 4 hours from my home. Can I drive instead of flying?

Yes.  The JRCERT policy allows reimbursement for travel by personal car up to the equivalent of the lowest practical round-trip coach airfare.

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I accepted a site visit in New England. I’d love to stay a few extra days – can I?

Yes. That is one of the great advantages of being a site visitor.  Give the dates to the travel agency and they will seek our approval for date deviation.  Please know that any costs above the airfare for the dates of the site visit are your responsibility.  Enjoy!

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When we got to the hotel that the institution had arranged, there was only one hotel room reserved. Do we have to stay in the same room?

No. It is our expectation that each site visit team member has their own private hotel room.  Purchase another room and include this additional cost on your expense voucher.

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When completing the Report of Site Visit Team Findings via the AMS site visitor portal, is there an option to designate a specific objective as ‘N/A – none applicable’?

Yes. A few objectives do have a N/A option in the drop down menu under the Met Objective field in the Report of Site Visit Team Findings.  If N/A is an option, a scroll bar will be present so you can see all options.  Look for this under Objectives 2.4, 4.9, and 5.2 (Radiography and Therapy).

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I cannot locate the Confidentiality, Quality, and Exit Statements within the AMS site visitor portal. Am I missing something?

Unfortunately, the Confidentiality, Quality, and Exit Statements are not included in the AMS site visitor portal.  You can find them under the Site Visitor Resources menu on the JRCERT website, or by clicking here.  You may want to save them to your laptop or include a print copy in your JRCERT site visitor materials.

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What should the site visit team do if the two members cannot reach consensus about compliance with a particular objective?

If the two (or three) site visit team members cannot reach consensus regarding the compliance of a particular objective, please contact the JRCERT office for assistance in evaluating the situation.

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