Developing, Revising, and Assessing Accreditation Standards

Policy Statements

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT):

10.601develops accreditation standards for use in the evaluation of programs for accreditation.
10.602uses accreditation standards in assessing, promoting, and improving the quality of the educational programs it accredits.
10.603adopts, periodically revises, and disseminates accreditation standards.
10.604performs a comprehensive review of accreditation standards at least every ten (10) years.
10.605assures accreditation standards have the following characteristics:
 i.     Outcomes Oriented – qualitative and based on assessment of outcomes;
 ii.    Broadly Applicable – are stated in broad terms and applied nationally;
 iii.   Non-Restrictive – acknowledge and respect the right of sponsors providing education to be self-defining and self-determining;
 iv.   Demonstrates Quality, Continuity, and Flexibility – are non-prescriptive and promote program quality and stability and accommodate reasonable variations and special characteristics, such as those associated with non-traditional, experimental or innovative approaches to radiologic sciences education;
 v.    Transparency– provides the public with accurate and valid information regarding the program’s offerings;
 vi.   Accountability – provides readily accessible, accurate, and consistent aggregate information to the public about program performance and student achievement.
10.606provides guidance in the application of accreditation standards and accreditation materials.


10.601Adevelops accreditation standards that consider the needs of the profession and the healthcare delivery system, taking into account the variety of accredited programs and broad input from communities of interest.
10.603Arequires the use of recognized and accepted curricula for the profession as defined in the relevant accreditation standards.
10.603Breviews and responds in a timely fashion to program concerns forwarded to the JRCERT regarding the accreditation standards.
10.604Adetermines that if the Standards must be revised as a result of the comprehensive review, the process to review the Standards must be implemented within twelve (12) months of such determination and completed within a reasonable time-frame.
10.604Bbased on the comprehensive review of relevant accreditation standards considers the following alternatives:
 i.     performs a comprehensive revision of the standards;
       Refer to: Systematic Revision of Accreditation Standards
 ii.    revises specific sections of the standards;
 iii.   refines or clarifies specific sections of the standards;
 iv.   authorizes no changes in the standards.
10.605Aconsiders changes in educational or professional methodologies, scientific or technological advances and/or changing professional needs when developing or revising accreditation standards.
10.606Aprovides published materials to guide program officials, faculty, and site visitors in application of relevant accreditation standards and policies and procedures.

Cross References

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Adopted by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology:  04/04
Revised:  10/10; 04/11; 10/11; 04/19
Editorial Revision:  10/04; 04/23