Accreditation Decisions

Accreditation Awards

The culmination of the accreditation process is the actual accreditation action. JRCERT staff does not determine accreditation awards.  Accreditation decisions are made by the JRCERT Board of Directors, based on compliance regarding the relevant accreditation Standards, and in a process detailed in JRCERT policies.  The Board meets in person twice per year and holds conference calls nearly every month to determine accreditation actions.

Programs on Probation

Probationary Accreditation may be awarded when an accredited program is subsequently determined not to be in substantial compliance with the relevant accreditation standards. Probationary Accreditation is usually limited to one (1) year. It may not extend beyond three (3) years.

Accreditation Withdrawn/Withheld

The JRCERT Board has Involuntarily Withdrawn Accreditation or Withheld Initial Accreditation from the following program(s).  The criteria used to determine this action may be accessed by clicking on the “Award Letter” link associated with the program.  This action may be appealed.

Voluntary Withdrawal of Accreditation

A sponsor may withdraw from accreditation at any time in the accreditation process or during the accreditation cycle.