Third-Party Comments

The JRCERT welcomes third party comments regarding our accredited programs.  Comments regarding accreditation review should be submitted to the JRCERT Chief Executive Officer. Third-party comments will be reviewed by the CEO and appropriately addressed. The next projected review date of a program can be found when you search for a program under Programs for Review.

Third – Party Comment on an Upcoming Projected Site Visit

The JRCERT has integrated a third-party comment process into its accreditation process. The JRCERT publishes basic information about the site visit for programs undergoing initial or continuing accreditation and invites the public to provide written comments.

The CEO reviews these written comments and determines the appropriate course of action, including but not limited to forwarding the comments to the site visit team to include in the onsite review of the program. Typically, the commenter’s identifying information is made known to the program; however, request may be made to the CEO to have comments made anonymously.

                           Submit comments to:
                           Leslie F. Winter, M.S., R.T.(R)
                           20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 2850
                           Chicago, IL 60606-3182

The following information must be provided:
First and last name of the person submitting the comment(s),
E-Mail address,
Full mailing address,
Name of institution being commented, and

Comments on programs are due in the JRCERT office no later than 60 days before the date the visit is projected. The JRCERT cannot guarantee that comments received after the due date will be considered.

NOTE: An individual with a specific dispute or grievance with a program’s compliance with the STANDARDS should request the separate “Allegations” process from the JRCERT Web site. The JRCERT cannot settle disputes between programs and individuals, whether faculty, students, or others. Complaints will not be considered as comments.