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What is LINK?

LINK is the LMS platform where the JRCERT will be providing a variety of educational and professional development opportunities. Not only will there be eLearning courses, but also supplemental materials for our seminars and workshops will be available.

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How do I enroll in a course?

The schedule of courses is listed on the JRCERT website under “Calendar of Events”. You will click on the course offering you would like to enroll in and complete the registration form in its entirety.

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Are all courses for continuing education credits?

Not every course is associated with continuing education (CE) credits. Some professional development activities are meant to be educational or informational in nature and have not been submitted for CE credits.

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How do I pay for courses or professional development activities?

The JRCERT only accepts credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover) payments for any activity.

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What web browser is best suited for LINK LMS?

The LINK LMS platform is compatible with multiple browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari; however, only the last two (2) major versions of each browser are supported. If you are having issues with logging in or seeing something on your screen, please log out and go back in. You can also try using another browser or device. For complete information on the technical requirements for the LINK LMS platform, please visit https://www.docebo.com/online-training-lms-system-requirements/.

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How do I access LINK?

You can click HERE to access the LINK Learning Management System. You can also access it by clicking on the LINK icons in the upper right and bottom of the JRCERT webpage. Finally, you can use the web address, jrcert.docebosaas.com. When you enroll for a course, the login information will be emailed directly to you as well.

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Who do I contact for assistance with technical issues in LINK?

You can click on the Help button in the lower left hand corner of LINK platform. You can also email JRCERT at tleggett@jrcert.org. If your question addresses content for the course, please contact your instructor directly.

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What is my username?

Your username is usually your first name.last name. Please contact JRCERT at tleggett@jrcert.org for assistance if needed.

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What if I forgot my password?

You can access your password at the LINK LMS login page. There is a button “Forgot My Password” you may click to reset your password. Please note the login information is NOT the same as your Accreditation Management System (AMS) Portal information.

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How much time is required to complete a course?

The time to complete a course varies depending on the content and assignments. It is NOT based on the CE credits because there are generally supplemental materials and assignments to enhance your knowledge of JRCERT accreditation. The suggested time for completion will be found in the course syllabus.

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How do I obtain my continuing education certificate of completion?

Your continuing education (CE) certificate of course completion is available ONLY through the LINK LMS platform. You should download the PDF document as soon as you complete the course. JRCERT does NOT provide your continuing education credits to any other organizations, such as ARRT, ASRT, or MDCB.

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Why won’t my course show as completed?

Generally, you have not yet completed an assignment or the module. You need to watch every slide in its entirety to be marked as complete in the LINK LMS platform. You will have a green checkmark appear when as assignment is considered complete.

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Where do I find the files for my assignments?

Any supplemental materials will be found in the File Repository, which can be located below the name and email for the instructor.

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How do I upload an assignment?

Click on the name of the assignment to access the upload page. Upload your completed file, making sure to name it appropriately. Then click on “Submit Assignment” to complete the upload.

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