2022 Program Annual Report (PAR) Now Available

The 2022 Program Annual Report is now available for submission in the Accreditation Management System (AMS) portal. The annual report covers changes to the program during the period January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022.

Consistent with United States Department of Education (USDE) regulations, accrediting agencies are required to monitor significant program changes and program effectiveness data for accredited programs.  The JRCERT will post the program effectiveness data reported by programs (five-year average credentialing examination pass rate, five-year average job placement rate, and annual program completion rate) on its website.  Programs must publish the same program effectiveness data, their mission statement, goals, student learning outcomes, and the JRCERT URL (www.jrcert.org) on the program’s homepage.

The completed 2022 Program Annual Report must be submitted as follows:

  • Final 2022 class graduation between January 1 and September 30, 2022 – due date October 6, 2023
  • Final 2022 class graduation between October 1 and December 31, 2022 – due date January 12, 2024

If programs have not previously had graduation dates of October 1 or later and require a due date of January 12, 2024, the program must notify the office. 

Programs are encouraged to complete and submit the annual report as soon as all data becomes available.  Additionally, programs are reminded to update their websites with 2022 data utilizing the JRCERT program effectiveness data template available here

Programs must also complete the Program Information Update Form so that we can accurately reflect program information on our website. A link to the form is also provided in the annual report. This form should be uploaded to question 14 in your annual report.

If you have questions regarding completion of the annual report, please reference the Annual Report Guidelines to ensure that all information is reported completely and accurately.  There is also a module called Calculating Program Effectiveness Data to assist you in understanding how to calculate program effectiveness data.  If you still have questions or need assistance in completing the annual report, please do not hesitate to contact the office.