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Website Compliance Checklist                                           JRCERT

                As required in Objective 1.1 of the Standards, the sponsoring institution and program
                provide students, faculty, and the public with policies, procedures, and relevant   The JRCERT is the only agency
                information. The sponsoring institution and/or program must publish policies,
                                                                                       recognized by the United States
                procedures, and/or relevant information related to the following: admission and
                transfer of credit policies; tuition, fees, and refunds; graduation requirements;   Department of Education (USDE)
                grading system; program mission statement, goals, and student learning outcomes;   and the Council for Higher
                accreditation status; articulation agreement(s); academic calendar; clinical
                                                                                       Education Accreditation (CHEA)
                obligations; grievance policy and/or procedures.
                                                                                       for the accreditation of
                When submitting Interim Report and Self-Study Reports, programs are required to
                                                                                       traditional and distance delivery
                submit the Website Compliance Checklist as documentation in support of Objective
                1.1. The program must assure that the links provided on the checklist are current and   education programs in
                valid links. If the information is contained within a document such as a student
                                                                                       radiography, radiation therapy,
                handbook, please be sure to include what page contains the relevant information.
                                                                                       magnetic resonance, and
                The Website Compliance Checklist can be found under the Templates section of the
                Program Forms page of the JRCERT website.                              medical dosimetry.

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               JRCERT Staff 2022
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                                                                                       archived on the JRCERT website,
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               Pulse Editors:
               Timothy Ebrom, M.S., Accreditation Assistant
               Jason Mielcarek, M.A.M.Ed., Accreditation Assistant
               Joanne Sauter, B.A., Administrative Assistant

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