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JRCERT Conference Survey
                                                                                       New Programs

            Please take a minute to complete the JRCERT Conference Viability survey found by clicking
            here. This survey will remain open until June 1, 2022.
                                                                                       Congratulations and welcome
            The JRCERT is currently in the preliminary stages of planning for its next conference,   to our newly accredited
            tentatively scheduled for 2024. We would like your feedback if you would attend a   programs! Since the October
            conference and what your expectations are for such a conference. Your input is vital and we   2021 meeting of the Board of
            look forward to using the results as the planning process continues over the next few years.   Directors, five applicant
                                                                                       programs have been awarded
                                                                                       initial JRCERT accreditation.
            DE Allowances Ending                                                       The sponsoring institutions and
                                                                                       program officials are to be
                                                                                       commended for their hard
            Effective September 6, 2022, the JRCERT is no longer allowing programs to utilize Distance
                                                                                       work and demonstrated high
            Education (DE) of four or more courses without prior approval from the JRCERT. In Spring
                                                                                       levels of professionalism:
            2020, the United States Department of Education allowed accreditors to permit programs to
            utilize DE as an alternative learning method in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.     Northern Kentucky University
                                                                                       Highland Heights, KY
            If programs wish to continue to utilize alternative learning methods such as DE or utilize
                                                                                       Radiation Therapy
            other accommodations, a Substantive Change will be required. Please note that Substantive
            Changes must be approved by the JRCERT Board of Directors prior to implementation and   MedStar Washington Hospital
            require a $250 fee to be processed.                                        Center
            The JRCERT defines distance education/delivery as an educational process characterized by   Washington, DC
            the separation, in time or place, between instructor and students, which could be either   Radiography
            synchronous or asynchronous. Distance education/delivery courses are taught primarily
                                                                                       Hudson Valley Community
            (more than 50%) through the use of TV, audio, or computer transmissions (broadcast, closed
            -circuit, cable, microwave, satellite transmissions); audio or computer conferencing; video
                                                                                       Troy, NY
            cassettes or disks; and/or a combination of face-to-face instruction with a distance learning
            component (hybrid).
                                                                                       Southeast Kentucky
            Please note that consistent with JRCERT Policy 11.400 Procedure 11.407G, if the program
                                                                                       Community and Technical
            transitions to distance delivery of 100% of its radiologic science didactic courses, the
            continuing application process will be expedited, which includes submission of a self-study
            report and on-site review.                                                 Pineville, KY
                                                                                       Mayo Clinic School of Health
            Free LINK Courses                                                          Sciences
                                                                                       Rochester, MN
                                                                                       Magnetic Resonance
            The catalog of courses on the LINK Learning Management System continues to grow. In
            addition to the courses that we offer for continuing education credits, the JRCERT also
            provides courses for professional development at no charge. While these courses do not
            earn CE credits, they can still provide valuable information and assistance to program
            faculty, clinical preceptors, and students. Currently, we are pleased to provide the following
            courses: Creating a Positive Healthcare Mindset; Supporting Change – Healthcare Edition;
            Developing Performance Goals & Standards – Healthcare Edition; Providing Performance
            Feedback – Healthcare Edition; Improving Work Habits – Healthcare Edition; and Manual
            Handling for the Healthcare Industry. These courses do not require login credentials and can
            be accessed here. The JRCERT will continue to add to this list of free offerings, as well as our
            paid courses, which offer CE credits. To view a list of upcoming LINK courses which offer CE
            credits, visit

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