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                                         The JRCERT is changing how site visitors are reimbursed. Reimbursements will now be sent in
                                         an electronic format with payments deposited directly into your bank account. Site visitors will
                                         be required to create a free Chase Cashflow360 account. This account will be secure and
                                         protected with end-to-end encryption. Sign-up information will be forthcoming.

                                         JRCERT HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR
                                         ONSITE EVALUATIONS

                                         Please click here for a flyer with the JRCERT’s health and safety guidelines for onsite
                     6ft                 evaluations.

                                         ANNUAL SIGNATURES NEEDED

                                         JRCERT requires site visitors to electrically sign the following documents on an annual basis.
                                         These forms may be accessed via the site visitor page in the Portal.
                                         •   Conflict of Interest
                                         •   Confidentiality Agreement

                                         •   JRCERT Commitment

                                         SITE VISITOR WORKSHOPS

                                         March 3 , 2021 (8:30 – 4:30)
                                         May 5 , 2021 (8:30 – 4:30)
                                         Prior to attending a site visit under the 2021 Standards, site visitors will be required to do one of
                                         the following:

                                         •   Attend a site visitor workshop that includes the 2021 Standards.

                                         •   Attend an Accreditation Seminar that includes the 2021 Standards.
                                         •   Review the 2021 Standards module in the Link (LMS), once available.
                                         •   Participate in the 2021 Standards Course in the Link (LMS).  Please note that this course
                                             will not be available until late summer 2021.

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