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                                         The JRCERT will be offering experienced site visitors a daylong Site Visitor Webinar via the
                                         Zoom platform.  You are invited to attend on Thursday, October 1, 2020.  Registration for this
                                         event is on a first come, first served basis.  Please email Janet Luczak ( to
                                         register for this webinar.

                                         2021 STANDARDS

                                         Before the April 2020 meeting of the JRCERT Board of Directors, the Standards Committee
                                         met to discuss comments received since the October 2019 meeting of the committee. The
                                         committee received feedback from individuals through online surveys regarding Draft 3 and
                                         Draft 3 Revisions. Additional comments and feedback were received during the past six
                                         months from several national and state organizations including: American Society of
                                         Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) - Radiation Therapy and Medical Dosimetry Chapter,
                                         Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences (AEIRS), Medical Dosimetrist
                                         Certification Board (MDCB), and The Association of Educators in Radiologic Technology of
                                         the State of New York (AERTSNY). The JRCERT is very grateful for all of the comments and
                                         feedback received throughout the duration of the Standards Revision project.
                                         Based on feedback and comments, the Standards Committee made minor changes to the Draft
                                         3 Revisions document. Some of the changes are as follows (underlined phrases note changes):
           “The JRCERT is
                                                Objective 3.1 (all disciplines) – Institutional policies and practices for faculty
           very grateful for all                workload and release time must be consistent with, and comparable to, faculty in
                                                other health sciences programs in the same institution. Faculty workload and release
           of the comments                      time practices must include allocating time and/or reducing teaching load for
                                                educational, accreditation, and administrative requirements expected of the
           and feedback                         program director and clinical coordinator.
           received throughout                  A definition of comparable will be added to the glossary.
                                                Objective 3.1 (Medical Dosimetry) - A full-time program director is required. The
           the duration of the                  program director may also be identified as the radiation therapy program director.
                                                Also, a full-time equivalent clinical coordinator is required if the program has more
           Standards Revision                   than fifteen (15) students enrolled in the clinical component of the program. The
                                                clinical coordinator may also be identified as the radiation therapy clinical
           project.”                            coordinator.
                                                Objective 4.2 (all disciplines) - A well-structured curriculum … variety of
                                                situations and patient conditions. The well-structured curriculum is guided by a
                                                master plan of education.
                                                The JRCERT encourages innovative approaches to curriculum delivery methods that
                                                provide students with flexible and creative learning opportunities. These methods
                                                may include, but are not limited to, distance education courses, part-time/evening
                                                curricular tracks, service learning, and/or interprofessional development.
                                                Objective 5.4 (Radiography) - Students must be directly supervised during surgical
                                                and all mobile, including mobile fluoroscopy, procedures regardless of the level of
                                         The Standards Committee arrived at a consensus to adopt the 2021 Standards and brought
                                         forth the recommendation that the full Board adopt the Standards during the April Board
                                         Meeting. At the April 2020 Board Meeting, the JRCERT Board of Directors moved to adopt
                                         the 2021 Standards with an implementation date of January 1, 2021.
                                         JRCERT staff are making final editorial and grammatical revisions to the 2021 Standards
                                         documents before the documents are copywritten. These documents will then be published on
                                         the JRCERT website as soon as possible thereafter.
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