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                                         Due to the current slowing of demand for travel services, Premier Travel Management is
                                         temporarily adjusting their office hours. As of Monday, April 20, 2020 their hours of
                                         operation are 8am to 5pm, M-F.
                                         Should you require travel assistance outside of their office hours, you may continue to call
                                         their designated after hours number (Note $20 charge per after hours call, plus any applicable
                                         cost for ticketing action).
                                         When their clients begin to travel again, they will return to their previous operating hours to
                                         best serve you.

                                         Premier Travel Management
                                         (312) 427-8400

                                         IMPORTANT TRAVEL INFORMATION

                                         •   Airlines will require all passengers to wear face coverings – please check each airline’s
                                             website prior to travel for the most up-to-date policies in effect.
                                         •   Airlines are restricting the service of food and beverages on flights – again, please check
                                             the airline website for specific information prior to your flight.
                                         •   Airport check-in and boarding procedures have changed to provide for compliance with
                                             social distancing requirements.
                                         •   Information on cleaning procedures and other sanitation methods in place is readily
                                             available on most vendor sites.
                                         •   Be sure to research regulations in effect at any location to which you are traveling as they
                                             differ greatly by locale.

                                         JRCERT HEALTH AND SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR
                                         ONSITE EVALUATIONS
                                         Please click here for a flyer with the JRCERT’s health and safety guidelines for onsite

                                         REAL ID COMPLIANCE
           “Starting October 1,          In 2005, the United States Congress   As of the writing of this article, 52 states,
                                         passed the Real ID Act.  This act     territories, and the District of Columbia
           2021, every air               “establishes minimum security standards   have been determined by the Department
                                         for license issuance and production and   of Homeland Security as compliant with
           traveler will need to         prohibits Federal agencies from accepting   all REAL ID requirements. The other 4
                                         for certain purposes driver’s licenses and   jurisdictions are noncompliant, but have
           present a REAL ID             identification cards from states not   been granted temporary extensions to
                                         meeting the Act’s minimum standards .”    come into compliance or are currently
           compliant license/            This includes identification for boarding   under review.
                                         federally regulated commercial aircraft.
           ID, or another                                                      Site visitors are strongly encouraged to
                                         Starting October 1, 2021, every air traveler   review the Department of Homeland
           acceptable form of            will need to present a REAL ID compliant   Security webpage regarding the REAL ID
                                         license/ID, or another acceptable form of   and to determine their state’s current level
           identification.”              identification.  The license/ID must be   of compliance.
                                         REAL ID compliant unless the traveler is
                                         using an alternative acceptable document   1:
                                         such as a passport. 2                 2:
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