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Standard Two: Institutional Commitment and Resources

                    2.3   The sponsoring institution provides student resources.


                    Student resources refer to the variety of services and programs offered to promote academic success.
                    The institution and/or program must provide access to information for personal counseling, requesting
                    accommodations for disabilities, and financial aid.

                    The JRCERT does not endorse any specific student resources.

                    Required Program Response:

                        •  Describe how students are provided with access to information on personal counseling, disability
                           services, and financial aid.

                        •  Describe how the program utilizes other student resources to promote student success.

                    Possible Site Visitor Evaluation Methods:

                       •  Tour of facilities
                       •  Review of published program materials

                       •  Review of surveys
                       •  Interviews with faculty
                       •  Interviews with students
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