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Standard One: Accountability, Fair Practices, and

                                        Public Information

         1.7    The sponsoring institution and program comply with requirements to
                achieve and maintain JRCERT accreditation.

         Programs must comply with all JRCERT policies and procedures to maintain accreditation.  JRCERT
         policies are located at  In addition, substantive changes must be reviewed and approved
         by the JRCERT prior to implementation, with the exception of a change of ownership.

         JRCERT accreditation requires that the sponsoring institution has the primary responsibility for the
         educational program and grants the terminal award.  Sponsoring institutions may include educational
         programs established in colleges, universities, vocational/technical schools, hospitals, or military facilities.
         The JRCERT does not recognize a healthcare system as the program sponsor.  A healthcare system consists
         of multiple institutions operating under a common governing body or parent corporation.  A specific facility
         within the healthcare system must be identified as the sponsor.  The JRCERT requires each program to have
         a separate accreditation award and does not recognize branch campuses.  The JRCERT recognizes a
         consortium as an appropriate sponsor of an educational program.

         The JRCERT requires programs to maintain a current and accurate database.  The program must maintain
         documentation of all program official qualifications, including updated curricula vitae and current ARRT
         certification and registration, or equivalent documentation.  This documentation is not required to be
         entered into the Accreditation Management System (AMS).  Newly appointed institutional administrators,
         program officials, and clinical preceptors must be updated through the AMS within thirty (30) days of

         No Required Program Response

         Possible Site Visitor Evaluation Method:
            •   Review of a representative sample of program official qualifications
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