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Standard Two: Institutional Commitment and Resources

                   2.1  The sponsoring institution provides appropriate administrative support and
                         demonstrates a sound financial commitment to the program.

                   The program must have sufficient institutional support and ongoing funding to operate effectively.  The
                   program’s relative position in the organizational structure helps facilitate appropriate resources and
                   enables the program to meet its mission.

                   The sponsoring institution should provide the program with administrative/clerical services as needed to
                   assist in the achievement of its mission.

                   Required Program Response:
                        •   Describe the sponsoring institution’s level of commitment to the program.
                        •   Describe the program’s position within the sponsoring institution’s organizational structure and
                           how this supports the program’s mission.
                        •   Describe the adequacy of financial resources.
                        •   Describe the availability and functions of administrative/clerical services, if applicable.
                        •   Provide institutional and program organizational charts.

                   Possible Site Visitor Evaluation Methods:

                         •  Review of organizational charts of institution and program
                         •  Review of published program materials
                         •  Review of meeting minutes
                         •  Interviews with institutional administration
                         •  Interviews with faculty
                         •  Interviews with clerical staff, if applicable
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