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Standard One: Accountability, Fair Practices, and

                                        Public Information

         1.5    The program assures that students and faculty are made aware of the JRCERT
                Standards for an Accredited Educational Program in Radiation Therapy and
                the avenue to pursue allegations of noncompliance with the Standards.


         The program must assure students and faculty are cognizant of the Standards and must provide contact
         information for the JRCERT.

         Any individual associated with the program has the right to submit allegations against a JRCERT-
         accredited program if there is reason to believe that the program has acted contrary to JRCERT
         accreditation standards and/or JRCERT policies.  Additionally, an individual has the right to submit
         allegations against the program if the student believes that conditions at the program appear to
         jeopardize the quality of instruction or the general welfare of its students.

         Contacting the JRCERT must not be a step in the formal institutional or program grievance policy/
         procedure.  The individual must first attempt to resolve the complaint directly with institutional/program
         officials by following the grievance policy/procedures provided by the institution/program.  If the
         individual is unable to resolve the complaint with institutional/program officials or believes that the
         concerns have not been properly addressed, the individual may submit allegations of noncompliance
         directly to the JRCERT.

         Required Program Response:

            •  Describe how students and faculty are made aware of the Standards.
            •  Provide documentation that the Standards and JRCERT contact information are made known to
                students and faculty.

         Possible Site Visitor Evaluation Methods:

            •  Review of program publications
            •  Review of program website
            •  Interviews with faculty

            •  Interviews with students
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