Page 9 - Medical Dosimetry Flipbook
P. 9

Standard One: Accountability, Fair Practices, and

                                        Public Information

        1.3     The sponsoring institution and program have student recruitment and
                admission practices that are nondiscriminatory and consistent with
                published policies.


        Nondiscriminatory recruitment practices assure applicants have equal opportunity for admission.  Defined
        admission practices facilitate objective student selection.  In considering applicants for admission, the
        program must follow published policies and procedures.  Statistical information such as race, color,
        religion, gender, age, disability, national origin, or any other protected class may be collected; however,
        the student must voluntarily provide this information.  Use of this information in the student selection
        process is discriminatory.

        Required Program Response:

            •   Describe how institutional and program admission policies are implemented.
            •   Describe how admission practices are nondiscriminatory.
            •   Provide institutional and program admission policies.

        Possible Site Visitor Evaluation Methods:
            •   Review of published program materials
            •   Review of student records
            •   Interviews with faculty
            •   Interviews with admissions personnel, as appropriate
            •   Interviews with students
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