Page 5 - Medical Dosimetry Flipbook
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Standard One: Accountability, Fair Practices, and Public


                1.1  The sponsoring institution and program provide students, faculty,

                      and the public with policies, procedures, and relevant information.

                      Policies and procedures must be fair, equitably applied, and readily


                1.2  The sponsoring institution and program have faculty recruitment and

                      employment practices that are nondiscriminatory.

                1.3   The sponsoring institution and program have student recruitment
                      and admission practices that are nondiscriminatory and consistent

                      with published policies.

                1.4  The program assures the confidentiality of student educational

                1.5  The program assures that students and faculty are made aware of the

                      JRCERT Standards for an Accredited Educational Program in
                      Medical Dosimetry and the avenue to pursue allegations of

                      noncompliance with the Standards.

                1.6  The program publishes program effectiveness data (credentialing

                      examination pass rate, job placement rate, and program completion
                      rate) on an annual basis.

                1.7  The sponsoring institution and program comply with the

                      requirements to achieve and maintain JRCERT accreditation.
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