Page 8 - Radiation Therapy Flipbook
P. 8

Standard One: Accountability, Fair Practices, and

                                                    Public Information

                   1.2    The sponsoring institution and program have faculty recruitment and
                          employment practices that are nondiscriminatory.

                   Nondiscriminatory recruitment and employment practices assure fairness and integrity.  Equal
                   opportunity for employment must be offered to each applicant with respect to any legally protected
                   status such as race, color, gender, age, disability, national origin, or any other protected class.
                   Employment practices must be equitably applied.

                   Required Program Response:

                       •  Describe how nondiscriminatory recruitment and employment practices are assured.
                       •  Provide copies of employment policies and procedures that assure nondiscriminatory practices.

                   Possible Site Visitor Evaluation Methods:

                       •  Review of employee/faculty handbook
                       •  Review of employee/faculty application form
                       •  Review of institutional catalog
                       •  Interviews with faculty
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