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Introductory Statement

                    T                                                      •   Explanation - provides clarification on the

                              he Joint Review Committee on
                              Education in Radiologic Technology
                                                                              intent and key details of the objective.
                              (JRCERT) Standards for an Accredited
                                                                              Required Program Response - requires
                              Educational Program in Radiation
                                                                              the program to provide a brief narrative
                    Therapy are designed to promote academic
                                                                              and/or documentation that demonstrates
                    excellence, patient safety, and quality healthcare.
                                                                              compliance with the objective.
                    The Standards require a program to articulate its
                    purposes; to demonstrate that it has adequate          •   Possible Site Visitor Evaluation
                    human, physical, and financial resources                  Methods - identifies additional materials
                    effectively organized for the accomplishment of its       that may be examined and personnel who
                    purposes; to document its effectiveness in                may be interviewed by the site visitors at

                    accomplishing these purposes; and to provide              the time of the on-site evaluation in
                    assurance that it can continue to meet                    determining compliance with the
                    accreditation standards.                                  particular objective.  Review of
                                                                              supplemental materials and/or interviews
                    The JRCERT is recognized by both the United
                                                                              is at the discretion of the site visit team.
                    States Department of Education (USDE) and the

                    Council for Higher Education Accreditation         Regarding each standard, the program must:
                    (CHEA). The JRCERT Standards incorporate many         •   Identify strengths related to each standard
                    of the regulations required by the USDE for
                                                                          •   Identify opportunities for improvement
                    accrediting organizations to assure the quality of
                                                                             related to each standard
                    education offered by higher education programs.
                    Accountability for performance and transparency       •   Describe the program’s plan for
                    are also reflected in the Standards as they are key      addressing each opportunity for
                    factors for CHEA recognition.                            improvement

                    The JRCERT accreditation process offers a means       •   Describe any progress already achieved in

                    of providing assurance to the public that a              addressing each opportunity for
                    program meets specific quality standards. The            improvement
                    process not only helps to maintain program
                                                                          •   Provide any additional comments in
                    quality but stimulates program improvement
                                                                             relation to each standard
                    through outcomes assessment.
                                                                       The self-study report, as well as the results of
                    There are six (6) standards. Each standard is titled
                                                                       the on-site evaluation conducted by the site
                    and includes a narrative statement supported by
                                                                       visit team, will determine the program’s
                    specific objectives. Each objective, in turn,
                                                                       compliance with the Standards by the JRCERT
                    includes the following clarifying elements:
                                                                       Board of Directors.
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