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                                          The JRCERT’s website has a brand new look! If you have not visited our website at
                                          yet, please take a look at the new features and redesign of the website. A new Find a Program tool
                                          and redesigned Calendar of upcoming events are just some of the updates. Small changes will
                                          continue to occur over the next few months as we take your feedback into consideration.

                                          The new Accreditation Management System (AMS) Portal upgrade is now live! The new portal
                                          launched on Monday, June 6 .  Usernames and passwords are not the same as the previous
                                          version of the portal.  Users can visit the JRCERT website or https://
                                 to access the portal.  Once on the login screen, click on the
                                          “Forgot your password?” button, enter the email address on file with the JRCERT, and create a
                                          new password.  To help navigate the new portal, there are all new portal help videos on our
                                          YouTube channel, available here.  Continued improvements to the portal continue to be made as
                                          we work out bugs and solicit feedback.
                                          REVISED JRCERT POLICIES

                                          At its April 2022 Meeting, the JRCERT Board of Directors approved several changes to policies,
                                          specifically related to compliance timeframes and Medical Dosimetry programs.
                                          JRCERT Policy 11.400, Procedure 11.405A now states that the JRCERT limits the response time
                                          for sponsors and programs to comply with the relevant accreditation standards by establishing
                                          the following maximum timeframe for compliance: i. eighteen (18) months from the date of notice
                                          of non-compliance if the program is at least one (1) year but less than two (2) years in length; ii.
                                          thirty-six (36) months from the date of notice of non-compliance if the program is two (2) years or
                                          longer in length.
                                          JRCERT Policy Statement 10.202 now identifies the following for Probationary Accreditation:
                                          “Probationary Accreditation may be awarded when an accredited program is subsequently
                                          determined not to be in substantial compliance with the relevant accreditation standards.
                                          Probationary Accreditation is usually limited to one (1) year but may not extend beyond three (3)
                                          years unless the program has been granted a good cause extension pursuant to Policy 11.400,
                                          Procedure 11.405B.”
                                          Good cause extensions are generally 12 months in length but may not exceed 24 months.
                                          Programs must identify mitigating circumstances, complete the good cause extension request
                                          form found here, and provide the associated fee.

                                          Finally, JRCERT Policy 11.400 Procedure 11.407Aiv. regarding Substantive Changes was updated,
                                          specifically for Medical Dosimetry programs. Medical Dosimetry programs must submit a
                                          Substantive Change and receive approval from the JRCERT Board of Directors if more than 50%
                                          of total clinical hours will be offered via distance delivery.

                                         ELECTRONIC REIMBURSEMENT

                                         As a reminder, detailed receipts for all expenses claimed must be submitted with the expense
                                         voucher within 14 days of the site visit.  Please email the voucher and copies of all receipts to
                                         Reimbursements are now made electronically with payments deposited directly into a bank
                                         account.  All site visitors are now required to create a free account.  More information
                                         and a step-by-step guide to setting up the account is provided upon the submission of an
                                         expense voucher.

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