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                                         Effective September 6, 2022, the JRCERT is no longer allowing programs to utilize Distance
                                         Education (DE) of four or more courses without prior approval from the JRCERT. In Spring
                                         2020, the United States Department of Education allowed accreditors to allow programs to
                                         utilize DE as an alternative learning method in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
                                         If programs wish to continue to utilize alternative learning methods such as DE or utilize
                                         other accommodations, a Substantive Change will be required. Please note that Substantive
                                         Changes must be approved by the JRCERT Board of Directors prior to implementation and
                                         includes a $500 fee to be processed.
                                         The JRCERT defines distance education/delivery as an educational process characterized by
                                         the separation, in time or place, between instructor and students, which could be either
                                         synchronous or asynchronous. Distance education/delivery courses are taught primarily
                                         (more than 50%) through the use of TV, audio, or computer transmissions (broadcast, closed-
                                         circuit, cable, microwave, satellite transmissions); audio or computer conferencing; video
                                         cassettes or disks; and/or a combination of face-to-face instruction with a distance learning
                                         component (hybrid).
                                         Please note that consistent with JRCERT Policy 11.400 Procedure 11.407G, if the program
                                         transitions to distance delivery of 100% of its radiologic science didactic courses, the
                                         continuing application process will be expedited, which includes submission of a self-study
                                         report and on-site review.

                                         BUSY AND IMPRESSIVE SITE VISITORS!

                                         In 2021 our site visitors conducted 88 site visits. For 2022, we are halfway through the year,
                                         and are projected to complete 109 site visits. We cannot thank our site visitors enough for the
                                         work they continue to put in to assist us in maintaining a high standard of quality education.
                                         In 2021 we promoted 28 site visit apprentices to team members, and 38 from team member to
                                         team chair. The Feedback from program directors and administrators of the site visit team
                                         continues to be impressive. On a 4-point scale, program directors rated our site visit teams a
                                         3.7 for overall performance. Administrators of our programs visited rated our site visit team a
                                         3.9, on a 4-point scale, for overall performance.

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