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            The disadvantage of using proctoring programs is     Accessed September 22, 2020.
          that students’ computers or electronic devices must    tation-information/accreditation-standards-2021/
          be equipped with the required software including   4.   VERT – the flight simulator for linacs. Vertual. Accessed
          web cameras. The program or sponsoring institution     September 21, 2020.
          might have to provide electronic devices for students   5.   Kennedy K, Nowak S, Raghuraman R, Thomas J, Davis S.
                                                                 Academic dishonesty and distance learning: student and faculty
          or provide a list of requirements before enrollment.   views. Coll Stud J. 2000;34(2):309-314.
          Although distance learning exams come with strict   6.   Integrity in online testing: excerpts for a panel session.
          parameters that can help to deter academic dishonesty,   Respondus. Accessed September 18, 2020. https://web.respon
          the use of proctoring programs can effectively preserve
          the integrity of exam taking while student identity   7.   Proctor U. Cheating in the digital age: how higher education can
                                                                 protect itself from new forms of academic dishonesty. Published
          remains intact. 6                                      February 14, 2016. Accessed September 22, 2020. https://www
          Conclusion                                             -higher-education-can-protect-new-forms-academic-dishonesty
            As more medical imaging and radiation therapy    8.   Anecdotal evidence: 10 points for cheating. Respondus.
          programs are implementing distance learning pro-       Accessed September 18, 2020.
          grams, there is an increased use of simulated learning
          for radiologic procedures and examinations. Variations
          to online learning include methods designed to revise
          instructional methodology and traditional teach-
          ing pedagogy to help shape education that can better
          serve students. However, it is imperative that integrity
          and quality instruction be maintained according to
          JRCERT Standards.

            Lisa F Schmidt, PhD, R.T.(R)(M), CRT(R), serves on
          the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic
          Technology board of directors and is the radiography
          program director for Pima Medical Institute in
          Chula Vista, California.
            Mahsa Dehghanpour, EdD, CMD, serves on the
          JRCERT board of directors and is the medical dosimetry
          program director for The University of Texas MD Anderson
          Cancer Center in Houston.

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