Page 10 - Radiography Flipbook
P. 10

Standard One: Accountability, Fair Practices, and

                                                    Public Information

                   1.4     The program assures the confidentiality of student educational records.

                   Maintaining the confidentiality of educational records protects students’ right to privacy.  Educational records
                   must be maintained in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  If educational
                   records contain students’ social security numbers, this information must be maintained in a secure and
                   confidential manner.  Space should be made available for the secure storage of files and records.

                   Required Program Response:

                   Describe how the program maintains the confidentiality of students’ educational records.

                   Possible Site Visitor Evaluation Methods:

                       •  Review of institution’s/program’s published policies/procedures
                       •  Review of student academic and clinical records, including radiation monitoring reports
                       •  Tour of program offices
                       •  Tour of clinical setting(s)
                       •  Interviews with faculty
                       •  Interviews with clerical staff, if applicable
                       •  Interviews with clinical preceptor(s)

                       •  Interviews with clinical staff
                       •  Interviews with students
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