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Value of Accreditation

            The higher education community in the United States has become dependent upon accreditation as the
            primary vehicle for assuring the quality of educational institutions and programs.  The JRCERT
            believes programmatic accreditation to be the optimal method to determine whether higher education
            in radiography, radiation therapy, magnetic resonance, and medical dosimetry, is of sufficient quality
            to provide the knowledge, skills, and professional attributes needed by graduates to meet the needs of
            the communities they will serve.

            With JRCERT accreditation, the quality of educational programs is measured against compliance with
            standards established by the profession.  JRCERT accreditation assures the public that care provided
            by students will be appropriately supervised.  Additionally, JRCERT accreditation provides assurance
            that students are instructed in the utilization of imaging equipment, accessories, optimal exposure
            factors, and proper patient positioning to minimize the potentially harmful effects of radiation
            exposure to patients, selves, and others.

            Programmatic accreditation provides value in several additional ways including:

               •  Assures fair, ethical, and equitable treatment of students, faculty, and staff.
               •  Establishes the student capacity of programs based upon the availability of resources.
               •  Assures well-structured, competency-based curricula developed by the American Society of
                   Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) and the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists
                   (AAMD) with input from the profession.
               •  Assures compliance with state/federal safety regulations.
               •  Encourages programs to assess student learning and continually strive for program
               •  Ensures that graduates of JRCERT-accredited programs are eligible for employment in all
                   50 states and in federal facilities (Veterans Affairs, etc.).

            In an effort to demonstrate transparency and accountability to the public, the JRCERT publishes
            program effectiveness data - program completion rates, credentialing examination pass rates, and job
            placement rates - for all accredited programs.  The data can be found at, Students Tab,
            Program Effectiveness Data.

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