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Letter from the Chair

            The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) is the only agency recognized by
            the United States Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
            for the accreditation of traditional and distance delivery educational programs in radiography, radiation therapy,

            magnetic resonance, and medical dosimetry.  The JRCERT is responsible for assuring that educational programs in
            the radiologic sciences are providing quality education for their students and that the integrity of these programs is
            not compromised.
            Recognition by the United States Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation as
            the only programmatic accreditation agency for radiography, radiation therapy, medical dosimetry and magnetic
            resonance allows us to demonstrate our responsibility to programs, students, and the profession.
            The central issues addressed in 2021 that promoted our core values were:
               •  Continued  to  address  the  COVID-19  pandemic  throughout  2021.    All  Board  meetings  were  held
                   virtually, and staff worked remotely to assure that the business of the organization was maintained.
               •  Rescheduled many program site visits as requested by institutional programs because of the pandemic.
                   Continued utilizing hybrid site visits to ensure a timely accreditation process.
               •  Interim reports were received and reviewed in a timely manner.

               •  Implemented the 2021 Standards on January 1, 2021.  Comments from communities of interest continue
                   to  be  received  and  are  regularly  reviewed  in  the  Standards  Committee  and  voted  during  full  board

               •  Continued to distribute the Pulse newsletter and conducted Town Hall meetings.
               •  Representation of the JRCERT at annual conferences such as ACERT, ASRT, AEIRS, AHRA, AAMD,
                   and the RTC were performed virtually when requested.
               •  Continued to design and develop significant upgrades to the portal system; secured a new vendor to
                   assure future functionality.
               •  Continued to create numerous modules and courses for our LMS for program support.  The Interim
                   Report and the Self-Study modules have been utilized by programs and have received positive feedback
                   from programs and board members.  Interpreting the 2021 Standards module has also been instrumental
                   in providing clarity for programs.
               •  Conducted  all  accreditation  seminars,  outcomes  assessment  workshops,  and  site  visitor  workshops
               •  Represented the JRCERT virtually to discuss the State of California Bill AB 1273 and our opposing
                   views concerning earn and learn opportunities.
            The JRCERT Board of Directors and staff continued to work persistently over the past year to assure that the
            mission  of  the  JRCERT  is  never  compromised  and  is  proactive  to  the  needs  of  our  programs  and  the
            professional community.  The support of educational institutions that sponsor radiologic science programs and
            our  communities  of  interest  allow  us  to  continue  providing  oversight  of  quality  programs.    The  JRCERT
            continues to meet the needs of the profession now and in the future.  On behalf of the JRCERT Directors and
            staff I want to thank you for your continued support of programmatic accreditation.

            Julie Lasley, Ph.D., R.T. (R)(T), ARRT, Chair

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