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Peter Barger, M.S. Ed., RT (R)(CT)

Peter Barger, M.S. Ed., RT (R)(CT)

Radiography Program Director

Q. Why did you want to become a JRCERT site visitor?

A. I have always believed that the peer review method was the standard by which programmatic quality should be measured.  I believed then, and I still believe, that having a set of standards is very helpful to keeping our academic profession honest and accountable.  Allowing an expert to have access to your program’s procedures and processes is inherently valuable to the health of the course of study.

Q. What has been the greatest reward of performing site visits?  

A. My single greatest reward has been the valuable insights discovered during site visits that I have been able to adopt and adapt for use in my own program. A second reward is the networking opportunities that I have been afforded within my own peer group.

Q. How has the peer review process improved your ability to teach and lead in your program?  

A. It has been my experience that when I am either the evaluator, or the evaluated, that we freely share evaluation tools, policies, and teaching methods amongst our peers to actively make student learning outcomes more easily achieved and recorded.