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Sandra Moore, MA, RT(R)(M)

Sandra Moore, MA, RT(R)(M)

Director, Schools of Medical Imaging

Q.  Why did you want to become a JRCERT site visitor?

A. I was looking for another means to grow my career, and this opportunity gave me the chance to meet others in the radiography education community, travel to different parts of the country and enhance my knowledge of the accreditation process.

Q. What has been the greatest reward of performing site visits?

A. I feel the same way about being a site visitor that I feel about being a radiography educator. By helping programs reach their full potential in teaching students, I feel that I am making a difference in the imaging community as a whole. I love meeting the students and the faculty of the programs I visit. I also enjoy working with apprentice site visitors. It is very rewarding to help someone new learn the process and see them grow. 

Q. How has the peer review process improved your ability to teach and lead in your program?

A. Even site visitors have site visits themselves! I find the process tremendously helpful by having another set of eyes look at the program and discovering areas where the student experience can be improved.  It helps to affirm what is done well and what might need improvement.