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Kae Fleming, Ed.D., RT(R)

Kae Fleming, Ed.D., RT(R)

Dean, Health Sciences

Q. How long have  you been associated with a JRCERT-accredited program? 

A. I have been associated for 33 years, first as a student, then as a clinical staff member, next as a clinical coordinator and currently as a Division Chair/Dean.

Q. How has the peer review accreditation process improved the medical imaging programs you lead?

A. Seeing peer review shift from a process to an outcomes focus has given the program many more opportunities to respond to and engage with the regional medical imaging community.  Networking also allows program officials to learn from peers. How refreshing to finally understand the point is not to always meet goals 100% but instead to stretch, be creative, and explore possibilities.  Program need to learn to be as adaptable, flexible, and responsive as new Radiographers are expected to be upon graduation!

Q. Other Comments?

A. When institutions of higher education start preparing for regional/institutional self-study & site visit, leadership instinctively turns to the health sciences faculty as experts on developing goals, objectives, and targets; identifying measurement tools; collecting data; analyzing actual results; and developing improvement strategies.  The institutional shift towards outcomes & benchmarking has given health sciences faculty opportunities for greater contribution at the institutional level.  This engagement across disciplines has also resulted in greater collaboration and faculty collegiality!