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Kelly McCowan, MHA, RT(R)

Kelly McCowan, MHA, RT(R)

Program Director

Q. What are some of the benefits of being a site visitor?

A. The peer review process has many benefits for a program director:

     1.  Allows for close assessment of your program’s strengths and weaknesses compared to other organizations      2.  Provides an opportunity to see how other organizations conduct business leading to innovative ideas to take back to your program                                                          3.  Allows the director to work closely with the JRCERT to ensure full comprehension of the standards                                  4.  Limits anxiety about your own upcoming review and site visit                                                                                              5.  Promotes collaboration with other directors and site visitors in the profession.  

Q. Other comments?

A. Overall, I have found that being a site visitor has granted the opportunity to see, understand, and implement best practices that ultimately enhance student learning in our program at Rowan Cabarrus Community College.  I am grateful for the experiences and look forward to many more!