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Mahsa Dehghanpour, Ed.D., MS, CMD

Mahsa Dehghanpour, Ed.D., MS, CMD

Associate Professor, Medical Dosimetry Program Director

Q. Why did you want to become a JRCERT site visitor?

A. I decided to become a JRCERT site visitor to contribute to the processes that ensure high quality student education, which translates into excellence in patient care.

Q. What has been the greatest reward of performing site visits?

A. Visiting many educational programs in medical dosimetry expanded my professional network and provided me with an in-depth understanding of various approaches to educate the future generation of medical dosimetrists. I enjoyed every single site visit; each was a unique experience and rewarding in its own way.

Q. How has the peer review process improved your ability to teach and lead in your program?

A. The peer review process of each site visit provides me with a unique opportunity to share my knowledge and skills in education and accreditation requirements with my peers and learn about some of the great things they do in their program.  My overall experience as a JRCERT site visitor has enhanced my skills in student education and accreditation processes of the medical dosimetry program I lead.

Q. Other comments?

A. I highly encourage all radiologic sciences educators to get involved with JRCERT to give back to their profession and to be a part of the driving force that promotes excellence in education and improves the quality of patient care.