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Site Visitor Qualifications & Application

Site Visitor Qualifications:

To qualify as an apprentice site visitor, an individual must have attended a JRCERT accreditation seminar and be able to demonstrate the ability to make a positive contribution to the accreditation process by documenting the following criteria to the satisfaction of the JRCERT:

  • Knowledge and understanding of professional radiologic sciences education
  • Knowledge and understanding of JRCERT accreditation standards
  • Appropriate professional experience
  • Appropriate professional certification
  • Involvement with a JRCERT accredited program or recognized clinical setting


Please note: The greatest need for JRCERT site visitors is currently in magnetic resonance, medical dosimetry, radiation therapy, and radiography practitioners.  Individuals completing a radiography application who are not practitioners will be eligible to attend a workshop; however, an assignment to a site visit may not occur for some time.

Click here to complete the Site Visitor Application.