Quality Improvement Program

Policy Statements

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT):

80.401maintains a quality improvement program for the JRCERT accreditation process.
80.402evaluates the effectiveness of the accreditation process.
80.403maintains a program for quality improvement to fulfill its public responsibilities and to retain its recognition as an accrediting agency.
80.404considers changes or improvements in its policies and procedures based on the results of the assessment process and feedback from communities of interest.


80.402Amonitors the accreditation process by tracking the frequency of cited accreditation standards and conducting reliability and validity studies.
80.402Bgathers data through evaluation instruments, annual reports, and other mechanisms to improve the accreditation process.
80.402Cconducts educational programs for site visitors.
80.402Devaluates the competence of site visitors using the following criteria:
 i.     preparation for the site visit;
 ii.    knowledge of the Self-Study Report;
 iii.   interpretation of the relevant accreditation standards;
 iv.   interaction with sponsor and program officials and faculty;
 v.    interaction with other team members;
 vi.   assumption of leadership (team chair);
 vii.  quality of written Report of Site Visit Team Findings:
        a.  timely submission of said report
        b.  objectivity and adequacy of said report
        c.  adequacy in identifying program strengths
        d.  adequacy in identifying program areas of concern
        e.  freedom from bias
        f.  focus on the relevant accreditation standards.
 Competence for criteria i. through vi. is assessed by:
 i.     team chair evaluation by team member(s)/apprentice(s)
 ii.    team member(s) evaluation by the team chair
 iii.   sponsor/program officials’ evaluation of site visitors, JRCERT employees and the accreditation process
 Competence for criteria vi. and vii. are assessed by:
 i.     team chair evaluation by team member(s)/apprentice(s)
 ii.    the accuracy of the Report of Site Visit Team Findings.
80.402Eevaluates the suitability of the site visit arrangements as perceived by program officials using the following criteria:
 i.     timely scheduling of the site visit;
 ii.    timely assignment of site visit team;
 iii.   appropriate number of site visitors and appropriate duration of site visit for size and complexity of program;
 iv.   timely communication between team chair and program director for agenda development.
 Criteria i. through iii. are assessed by the evaluation of the accreditation process. Criterion iv. is assessed by the evaluation of the site visit team’s performance.
80.402Fevaluates the quality and effectiveness of the accreditation process using the following criteria:
 i.     provision of clearly defined instructions for use of the Self-Study Report and the Report of Site Visit Team Findings;
 ii.    appropriate communication between JRCERT employees and sponsor/program officials;
 iii.   availability of JRCERT employees for consultation purposes;
 iv.   accuracy of the report of findings letter;
 v.    accreditation actions clearly communicated to sponsor/program officials;
 vi.   benefits of programmatic accreditation recognized by sponsor/program.
 Criteria i. through iv. are assessed by the evaluation of the accreditation process. Criteria v. and vi. are assessed by the program’s response to the report of findings.
80.402Gprovides the chief executive officer of the sponsor and the program director with an opportunity to comment on the quality, integrity, and conduct of the site visit and the accreditation process.

Cross References

80.200  Integrity of the Accreditation Process
90.300  Site Visitor – Qualifications and Term Appointment/Reappointment

Adopted by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology:  04/04
Editorial Revision:  10/04; 04/19