Integrity of the Accreditation Process

Policy Statements

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT):

80.201posts on the JRCERT Web site a notice to the public of upcoming accreditation site visits and the opportunity for written third party comments no later than sixty (60) days before the date the visit is projected.
80.202requires the evaluation and analysis of each program to be in accordance with established policies and procedures.
80.203requires on-site visits of each program, as appropriate, with independent analysis and evaluation of the data provided by the program as part of the peer review process.
80.204requires that the Report of Site Visit Team Findings identify and evaluate the strengths, areas of concern, plans for improvement and assessment of outcomes for each program.
80.205maintains accreditation standards providing that information obtained by program evaluation and analysis be utilized by the sponsor and program to promote student achievement.
80.206provides public notice of and forums for proposed new or revised accreditation standards with opportunity for comment prior to adoption.
80.207requires that an appeal process be provided for those programs wishing to appeal a JRCERT decision to withhold accreditation or withdraw accreditation. This process shall be provided in writing with the notification letter to the chief executive officer of the sponsors affected by such actions.
80.208requires that its organization, functions, policies, practices, and procedures include effective controls to assure consistent application of the accreditation process without any conflict of interest.
80.209maintains a systematic program of review designed to assess reliability and validity of accreditation standards and their relevance to the educational needs of affected students and the assessment of outcomes.
80.210investigates default rates and program compliance under Title IV of the Higher Education Opportunity Act upon notification from the appropriate agency and takes timely action.
80.211requires that directors, employees, and site visitors be selected on a non-discriminatory basis with respect to ethnic or national origin, religion, age or disability(s).
80.212accepts responsibility as an institutional accreditor when selected.

Cross References

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Adopted by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology:  04/04
Revised:  10/11; 04/19
Editorial Revision:  10/04