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Instructions for Update of "Deactivated" Clinical Settings - April 2016

Two Options: for clinical settings identified on the program’s database as “Deactivated,” the program must:

  1. Disaffiliate Setting(s): The new JRCERT Accreditation Management System (AMS) does not include the option to disaffiliate a clinical setting. To disaffiliate a clinical setting, the program must complete and submit via e-mail, JRCERT Form 106, “Clinical Setting Disaffiliation.”  The form is also available on our Web site under Programs & Faculty/Program Resources/Accreditation Forms.


  2. Update Setting(s) to Be Retained:
    • Edit clinical setting information through the AMS portal under “Manage Clinical Settings/Clinical Settings Change Request” option. Update all fields, upload required supporting documentation and submit via the portal.
    • Programs will then receive an e-mail requesting that the clinical capacities at the updated settings, and any resulting change in program total capacity, be identified. (NOTE: capacity information cannot be updated in the AMS portal.)
    • All updated clinical settings formerly identified as “Deactivated” will now appear in the program’s database as “Approved.”