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Portal FAQs

Welcome to the JRCERT Accreditation Management System (AMS) portal helps page. Answers to FAQ's regarding the AMS portal are listed below. 

FAQ's to Common Problems


Why am I not receiving e-mails from the JRCERT?

When someone from the JRCERT sends you an e-mail, and the JRCERT does not receive an undeliverable response, the e-mail has been received by your organization. If you are not receiving the e-mail in your In-box, check your spam or junk folder. If it is not there, refer the problem to your I.T. department and let them know you are not receiving e-mails from the JRCERT.

I can’t login to my program’s portal anymore. Isn’t my email address the correct username?

No, the username is specific to your program rather than personal.  If you are the program director, email [email protected] or call 312.704.5300 to receive your program’s username.  If you are a faculty member, you should ask the program director for this information.     

What information should I gather for new clinical settings?

Click here to see a list of items to gather when collecting information for a new clinical setting in the portal.

I'm having problems resetting my portal password. What am I doing wrong?

You can reset your password as many times as you like.  

  1. Click on “Forgot Password” on the AMS login screen.  This will take you to the Forgot Password screen.
  2. From the Forgot Password screen, type in your username and click on “Continue.” After you click "Continue," you will be returned to the AMS login screen. A new email will be sent to the program director with a link to the Password Reset screen and a Token.
  3. From the "JRCERT Portal Password Reset" email, click on the word “Link”. This will take you to the Password Reset screen. You will also need to copy the Token in this email. If you don't receive an email, check your spam folder.
  4. From the Password Reset screen, type in a new password twice and then copy the Token from the email into the Token box. Make sure there is not an extra "space" at the end of the Token or the Token will not work.  Next click on "Reset."

If the password was reset correctly, it will say "Password has been reset."  You can now click on "Loginto take you back to the AMS login screen.  Make sure you use your new password when you sign in.

What is the correct Annual Report supporting document format?

All supporting documents submitted through the portal MUST be in pdf format only. No .doc, .docx, .xls or any other format other than .pdf will be accepted.

When entering a new person through the portal, should I use the "New" or "Edit" icon?

Whenever you enter a new person you should always use the "New" icon.  The "Edit" icon should only be used to change information on a person previously entered, i.e. e-mail address or degree, etc.

How do I know my Clinical Setting has been submitted to JRCERT?

After completing your entry of a new clinical setting, return to the clinical settings list, highlight the clinical setting to be submitted, and then click on "Submit" on the top right of the list of clinical settings.  The status to the right of the clinical setting should change to "Pending Complete."  The program director and the Radiology department administrator or comparable administrator will receive an e-mail with a report of the clinical setting submitted. The department administrator will also be required to send in an electronic signature through the e-mail they receive.

Can I use my Mac computer with the AMS and what internet browser works best for the AMS portal?

The AMS portal is functional with either Mac or PC operating systems, thus you can use your favorite Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox web browser.  More importantly, you will want to make sure you are using the current version of a web browser.  The system should work while using the most recent outdated version but will not function properly when the system is 2+ versions outdated.  Typically, you can locate your current version under the Help or About tab at the menu ribbon of your browser or contact your IT department.   

Can I include hyperlinks within the Objective Response boxes as I prepare my narrative response?

The short answer is yes, however, the answer is quite nuanced.  Please click here for further information. 

Do the Objective Response narrative boxes allow for any type of text formatting similar to that in a Word document?

Unfortunately, the AMS portal does not allow any text formatting, such as bullet points, indentations, line spacing and/or bold/italics/colored fonts.  Perhaps in future versions, the AMS will be updated to allow such functionality.

How can I change the program total capacity of my program?

We recommend you contact an accreditation specialist first to explain the change and seek guidance.  However, if the change in program capacity is not reflective of an increase or decrease in clinical capacity of one or more of your recognized clinical settings, an email describing the change sent to [email protected] is appropriate.  

How can I change the clinical capacity of one of my clinical settings?

In order to increase or decrease the clinical capacity at one of your respective clinical settings, programs must complete a Clinical Capacity Change form.   You can find a Clinical Capacity Change form at under the Program Resources/Accreditation Forms section of the Programs & Faculty tab or click here.  If this change will affect your program’s recognized program total capacity, it should be reflected within this form under the appropriate section.  Upon completion of the form, email to [email protected] for review.  

As I get ready to enter my Interim Report or Self-study, are there any limits to the number of words I can type under each objective or file size for my supporting documents?

The objective response fields under the self-study, interim report, progress report, and response to the report of finding all hold approximately 3,000 characters.  We have tested file attachments up to 20MB with success.  If you are creating your own pdf documents, you should minimize the use of pictures, graphics, screenshots, etc as this will result in a larger file size.  You should explore ways to compress or minimize pdf file sizes if you get an error or the file will not attach to the specific objective. A limit of 15 exhibits per Objective will also be enforced. 

The affiliation agreements and facility accreditation documents are missing under all my currently approved clinical settings. What should I do?

You can update your approved clinical settings at your leisure to attach the current affiliation agreement and facility accreditation document.  If you edit any setting information such as address, radiology department administrator, or clinical instructor, you will have to attach these documents in order for the edits to be saved and submitted to the JRCERT.  

The Radiology Administrator for one of my clinical settings is identified as ‘Missing Contact”. What should I do?

Please update your program record to identify the current radiology (or radiation oncology) administrator.  Use the Manage Clinical Settings tab and change the radiology administrator. Click on the "New" option when entering the new administrator. In order to save your changes, you must enter/update any missing required clinical setting information fields as well, including supporting documents for the clinic.

How do I submit a substantive change via the AMS? What is the process to notify the JRCERT of the substantive change (or transfer of sponsorship)?

Currently, the AMS does not have functionality to submit a substantive change.  You can find a Notification of Substantive Change form at under the Program Resources/Accreditation Forms section of the Programs & Faculty tab or click here.  Complete the form, provide a thoughtful narrative describing the change(s) and attach supporting documents and send to [email protected].  Processing will not begin until the JRCERT received the appropriate fee.  A copy of the current fee schedule can be found here.  

The AMS continuing accreditation application only allows for the Self-study narratives and exhibits to be updated. How do I change program information that was previously included in the old JRCERT Form 100C?

You are correct, the continuing accreditation application no longer has a separate section for program information as that information is available on the AMS portal at all times under the Program Information Tab.  To make changes to your program information, such as tuition, President’s email address, etc., simply download a copy of your current program information and make the appropriate edits.  After you’ve made the edits, scan and email the revised document to [email protected] and we will update your program’s information.  Click here for an example of a program information report with edits.  Changes to program or clinical personnel must be made through either the Program Official Change Request or Clinical Settings Change Request under the Manage Clinical Settings.  

Are there instructional videos for using the Portal?

Listed below is a link to the website page that contain videos with instructions on how to use the different features of the AMS portal.