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Posted by JRCERT on 07/23/2021

Currently, there is legislation in California titled, "AB-1273 Interagency Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship: the Director of Consumer Affairs and the State Public Health Officer."  The JRCERT opposes CA AB1273 as currently drafted, specifically the "earn and learn" concept, due to the negative impact it would impose on JRCERT accredited programs and the profession.

The "earn and learn" concept is on the job training (OJT) which allows students to secure a wage while working.  JRCERT policy prohibits students from earning wages during clinical hours to guarantee students are not taking the place of qualified staff and are appropriately supervised during their clinical education.  Additionally, this prevents the risk of liability to medical facilities due to unqualified individuals performing medical imaging and therapeutic procedures.

This bill would cause the profession to regress back to the antiquated method of educating radiologic science professionals through on the job training.  A well-structured educational program that includes a competency-based curriculum assures students have the knowledge and skills for entry-level practitioners.

Timing is critical!  We urge you, on behalf of the profession, to voice your concerns to the author of the bill, Assembly Member Rodriguez, California State Senators, and Governor Newsom.  Their contact information is provided here.