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LINK Learning Management System

Excellence in Education is the mission and vision of the JRCERT and this extends to our programs and communities of interest. The JRCERT launched a Learning Management System (LMS), LINK, to provide professional development opportunities in an eLearning format. LINK reflects many of our core values: Learning, Innovation, Networking, and Knowledge. Many members of our communities of interest have expressed a desire for eLearning, cost effective methods for professional development, and additional opportunities to network with JRCERT staff and colleagues and LINK will enable us to do that and more. 

Click HERE to go to the LINK Learning Management login page.

The official rollout for the LMS platform occurred November 2020. We will be offering continuing education courses specific to JRCERT programmatic accreditation. Some of these will be at no charge and others will be for competitive costs. Courses will be both non-credit as well as approved for continuing education credit. If you have specific topics or courses you would like the JRCERT to offer, please forward your ideas to at [email protected]