Accreditation Awards

The Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) Standards for an Accredited Educational Program in Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Magnetic Resonance, and Medical Dosimetry are designed to promote academic excellence, patient safety, and quality healthcare.  The Standards require a program to articulate its purposes; to demonstrate that it has adequate human, physical, and financial resources effectively organized for the accomplishment of its purposes; to document its effectiveness in accomplishing these purposes; and to provide assurance that it can continue to meet accreditation standards.

The JRCERT accreditation process offers a means of providing assurance to the public that a program meets specific quality standards.  The process assures program quality and stimulates program improvement.

The culmination of the accreditation process is the actual accreditation action. JRCERT staff does not determine accreditation awards.  Accreditation decisions are made by the JRCERT Board of Directors, based on compliance regarding the relevant accreditation Standards, and in a process detailed in JRCERT policies.  The Board meets in person twice per year and holds conference calls nearly every month to determine accreditation actions.

To learn more about accreditation and the process, please see our video and review our interactive accreditation process.

The maximum length of an initial accreditation award granted by the JRCERT is three years.  The maximum length of a continuing accreditation award granted by the JRCERT is eight years, with an Interim Report required after the first four years.  Listed below are awards for the last 12 months.  Click on one of the months below to see the recent accreditation actions taken.  If you have questions regarding the accreditation status of any program, please contact the office.

For more information on the Board Meeting Decision Types click here

Monthly Awards