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Accreditation Withdrawn/Withheld

The JRCERT Board has Involuntarily Withdrawn Accreditation or Withheld Initial Accreditation from the following program(s).  The criteria used to determine this action may be accessed by clicking on the “Award Letter” link associated with the program.  This action may be appealed.

If a program decides to appeal the Board’s action, the program will have “Appealing Decision” placed in the Award Letter column.  Consistent with JRCERT policy, during the appeal procedure, the program returns to its previous accreditation award. 

Updates to this document will occur pending the results of the appeal process.  Programs that have submitted comments in relation to the Board’s initial action or in relation to the appeal process may be accessed in the Institutional/Program Comments column.

Involuntary Withdrawal of Accreditation

Program Name Universidad Central Del Caribe

P.O. Box 60327
Bayamon, PR 00960-6032

Program Type Radiography
Effective Date Decision Upheld on Appeal (March 18, 2015)
Award Letter Universidad Central Del Caribe
Institutional/Program Comments The program did not provide any comments.
Program Name Carrington College - Westside                   

2701 West Bethany Home Road
Phoenix, AZ 85017

Program Type Radiography
Effective Date February 18, 2016
Award Letter Carrington College
Institutional/Program Comments The program did not provide any comments.
Program Name Erie Community College (City Campus)                                        

121 Ellicott Street
Buffalo, NY 14203

Program Type Radiation Therapy
Effective Date October 20, 2017
Award Letter Erie Community College (City Campus) 
Institutional/Program Comments                                             

The program has provided the following comments.                   Erie Community College (City Campus)