How often does the Board of Directors meet to consider accreditation actions?

The Board meets in person twice a year, generally in April and October.  The Board also holds Web conference calls nearly each month of the year. 

What is the JRCERT's Federal Employer Identification Number (F.E.I.N.)?


Does the JRCERT accept credit cards?

No, not at this time

If a program has a recognized clinical setting such as a hospital and the hospital has several satellite out-patient imaging centers, does each of the centers require separate recognition by the JRCERT?

If the out-patient center is under the same administrative control AND located on the same campus, it does not have to be recognized separately. If it is under the same administrative control but is located apart from the campus of the hospital, it must be recognized separately.

When considering the number of clinical settings to determine if a clinical coordinator is required, do inactive settings count?


What evidence can I submit to verify that an individual has a degree?

The program can submit either a copy of the degree or a transcript that indicates a degree was awarded.

How long should programs keep student records after the students have graduated from the program?

The program is required to maintain a permanent transcript for each student enrolled in the program. It is also recommended that the program maintain a list of documented clinical competencies. Beyond that, there is no record retention requirement. While not required, many programs choose to retain detailed student records for the duration of the student’s enrollment. In deciding how long to retain certain records, programs should also consider the length of time program and/or institution policy permits grade appeals to assure that should one be filed the program has the necessary documentation to support an assigned grade. Ultimately, the program must always consider the policies and procedures of its sponsor when determining its own records retention policies.